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Green Garnet, Black Tourmaline

Ruby Zoisite, Garnet, Onyx

Peridot, Adventurine, Amethyst

Rock Crystal

Glass African Trading Beads,
Chinese Bone Beads


Guilded African Trading Beads, Rock Crystal, Coin Pearls


Jade, Pyrite

Volcanic Quartz, Garnet

Iron, Turquoise

Mixed precious and semi-precious stones,
Brass, Sterling and Copper,
Buddha Pendant

Rock Crystal. Mixed Brass,
Copper and Sterling Silver,
Buddha Pendant Silver


Turquoise, Onyx, Sterling Silver,
Hopi Pendant


Emerald, Copper African Trading Bead,
Indonesian Buddha


Turquoise, Onyx, Sterling Silver,
Vintage Hopi Pendant


Aquamarine, Sterling Silver,
Brass, Copper African Trading Beads

(Shown with Necklace of 49 Carats
Indian Diamonds and Balinese,
and African Silver)